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Fibrotex develops and manufactures innovative Signature Management Systems for Armies and Special Forces around the world. Fibrotex's constant pursuit for excellence innovation over fifty years means that they deliver the best solutions for the modern battlefield.

Veroccio has Rebranded Fibrotex from the bottom up starting from the logo and stationary on to printed material, presentations, web presence and web hosting.

Veroccio assists Fibrotex with  web site management, updates and collateral development.


I would like to warmly recommend Veroccio as a leading branding and web development company. Veroccio worked closely with us in the process of rebranding our company.Veroccio was responsible for the company's old site, which they have redeveloped, updated technologies and completely changed its visual element to highlight and promote the current line according to the guidelines developed during the overall branding process.

With regard to the site, the Verroccio team guided us and led the process, converting the content of the site and optimizing technological capabilities and promotion tools in a clear and admirable manner.

Adi Blum CEO



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